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Honey... You are a hot commodity! More and more men and women are wanting to experience the delights of being with a cross-dresser. Prior to landing on Crossdressing-Singles you may have been asking yourself where has all the fun gone? And starting to think that everybody in your area is boring and nobody is up for no-strings adult fun with a hot cross-dresser? Until you came here, you would have been right hun, but now you can think again. There is plenty of sex dating in your area and you can find it right here.

It's true there are loads of sites out there that promise to land you steamy, no strings, adult fun, but how many of them actually deliver? I bet your Google search threw up that many cross-dresser sex sites that you started to salivate, and you didn't know where to click first did you? Don't worry, we've all been there. Most of these sites don't live up to their promises. That's why we launched crossdressing-singles, with genuine people looking to either date, or have a no-strings one-night stands with cross-dressers and accept us for who we are... Hot!

We've made easy to use. You can view member profiles, view member pics and most importantly chat with people before meeting up. It's easy - Everything you could want from the best Cross-Dresser sex dating site, only you don't have to stay online, you take it in the bedroom!

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Cross-dresser or non cross-dresser, Straight or gay, Male or Female, we all have one thing in common - we all think there is nothing better than a cross-dresser. Be it love or sex that you are looking for, at we've made it as easy as possible, the rest is over to you.

Our tips to greatly improve your chances would be.
1. Signup - you won't get anywhere unless you do, and don't forget to verify your email or you won't know if someone is trying to make contact.
2. Upload a good profile and profile pictures - Realistically people won't talk to you unless you have a complete profile, the same as your unlikely to get many people talking to you if you only have one profile picture of your dick.
3. Get active and chat to members in our community - say 'hi' and comment on other members pictures.
4. Be a 'Yes' Man/Woman – you never know what may come of it!
5. Most importantly - Be yourself and Enjoy ;)

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Member Testimonials

Jess, 36.
"I consider myself an open-minded woman. I never thought I'd find myself physically attracted to a cross-dresser. A girlfriend of mine told me she had sex with a cross-dresser she met on your site - I mean, it wasn't just a recommendation, she got very animated about it. So I thought id see what all the fuss was about - and boy I'm glad I did. I started chatting to Lucy - at work, he is a doctor, but after hours he comes to life as Lucy. We want on a date, as Lucy and Jess and I had one of the best nights of my life, full of laughter and drink. At the end of the night I asked Lucy back to mine, It was great - I was a very naughty girl, and so was Lucy. All I can say is my girlfriend wasn't wrong - the whole experience was totally different. Hard to explain! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks."

Okay, so I'm usually attracted to men, but I've never had sex with a cross-dresser and to be honest, its one I wanted to tick off the list. After joining your site I found it so easy to meet guys for hook-ups. OMG, its EASY! What a find your site is.

Gary, 31
Gals, I love dressing to impress and having just broken up with my partner I was determined to get back out there and see what I've been missing all this time. I wasn't disappointed when I came across the site. You have some hot (and not so hot) dolls on there. I've met up with a few and have been pleasantly satisfied... so have they!

Megan, 28
Wow, Cross-dressers are too sexy! I've had a few hook-ups the site and I'm sure going to be using it in the future, many thanks.

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